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Disney+ Confirms That There Are Currently No Plans To Add The MCU’s Solo Spider-Man Movies To The Streaming Service.

There seems to be some bad news for Spiderman fans! Apparently, Disney + has announced that they are not adding any of MCU solo spiderman movies in the streaming service as of now. We are not really sure what led to this sudden revelation on Disney’s part.

Back in 2015, MCU and Disney were in an unprecedented deal where they allowed Spiderman to be a part of MCU. Soon Tom Holland was cast as our very own Spiderman. After that, he took to become quite a popular spiderman. He even made his appearances in Infinity War and Avengers Endgame.

As per the agreements between Sony and Disney, Sony handles all the solo films of Spiderman. On the other hand, Marvel has the capacity to use the wall-crawler in any of their productions. The issue over the Spiderman movie rights is the main reason why the Spiderman titles are missing from Disney+ at the lunch. It seems like they won’t be available in the streaming service anytime soon.

Ricky Strauss who is the head of content and marketing for Disney+ addresses this issue of the sudden disappearance of Spiderman movies. He said that although they do love their friends at Sony, they are not planning to stream the live Spiderman movies anytime soon. He also said that anything can happen in the future so this is not permanent it seems.

Although the head of marketing has cleared the air about the ongoing speculation over Spiderman films, it seems like there is a feud between the channels. There was anyway an ongoing battle between the big production housed over the ownership of the Spiderman Movies. The feud created quite a controversy and also did put a question on the fate of upcoming spiderman movies. It seems like the effect is evident in the decision made the Disney+.

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