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More Than 16,000 US Law Enforcement Agencies Shows Surge In Attacks Against Latinos And Transgender People

According to FBI data, Violent hate crimes have risen to a 16-year year high in the US, with a surge in attacks on Hispanics.

Records of hate crimes dipped somewhat in 2018 from an alarming increase the previous year, but violence grew as attacks increasingly targeting people rather than property.

In its analysis of statistics gathered from more than 16,000 law enforcement agencies, the FBI stated there had been 7,120 hate crimes recorded last year. The figure of the hate crime was 55 less than 2017, a year in which the FBI data recorded a 17 percent increase in hate crimes from 2016.​

Records of hate-motivated attacks on people account for 61 percent of all hate crimes reported in 2018, a rise of 11.7 percent. There were 24 murders, which is increased from 15 in 2017.

According to the data, approximately 60 percent of recorded hate crimes in 2018 were caused by a person’s skin color, ethnicity, or ancestry.

Hate crimes that targeted the black people decreased to the lowest share after the FBI started publishing the data in 1992, with incidents involving anti-black bias covering 27 percent of the total.

In 2018 there were 671 victims in Hispanic or anti-Latino incidents and 552 victims in 2017  the FBI stated in its yearly Hate Crime Statistics report.

Of the 6,266 identified offenders in all hate crime records, 53.6 percent of them are white.

The release of the data comes amid the ongoing discussion over Donald Trump’s hardline immigration policies and follows the August crowd shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, in which the suspected gunman said to police he was targeting Mexicans.

“We are witnessing the swapping of one derided group in the social-political platform for another,” the director of the Centre for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, Brian Levin said. “Attacks against Muslims topped around 2016 when terrorism was the matter. Now immigration is then the number one concern, and Latinos are being targeted.”

He further continued that ”We are having a democratization of hatred. There is a re-shuffling in who is being targeted.”

The head of the Washington-based Latino civil rights organization UnidosUS, Janet Murguia, stated that the president carried some blame for the increase of hate crime.

“President Trump regularly points to Latinos in the most hateful and bigoted ways, and words matter,” she stated. “Having just visited El Paso and listening first-hand from the victims of the unfortunate shooting there, I know that hateful words have hateful results, and can result in violence and even death.”

Religious bias estimated for 18.7 percent of the hate crimes reported by the FBI data. Jews were targeted in approximately 58 percent of those attacks, and Muslims were targeted at roughly 14.5 percent.

Almost 17 percent of all hate crimes included an attack against a person’s physical orientation. Approximately 60 percent of those events were anti-gay violence against men.

Some 2.2 percent of crimes targeted a person’s gender status, while 2.1 percent of records were identified as disability hate crimes.

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