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Pennsylvania Authorities Located A Missing Woman And Her Two Children After A “Frantic” Phone Call Made

On late Monday night, Pennsylvania officials located a missing woman and her two kids after a “frantic” phone call made near a Walmart that sent cops scrambling and finally resulted in the arresting her father-in-law, according to authorities.

On Tuesday, Pennsylvania State Police said in a news release that 31-year-old Alicia Brumbaugh and her two kids — Maverick Lee Brumbaugh, 1, and Aleah Nicole Rose Brumbaugh, 2 — were last seen around 4 a.m. in their hometown of Imler, which is located around 27 miles south of Altoona.

Officials stated they think the mother and the two kids had been traveling with Edgar Lee Decker Jr., 56, Alicia Brumbaugh’s father-in-law, of Roaring Spring, Pa., who had an active felony warrant and was recently released from rehab.

State police stated Brumbaugh “made a frantic phone call” just after 11:20 p.m. from or near the parking area of the Walmart in Indiana, Pennsylvania, approximately a 60-mile drive from her hometown.

The state police stated that “The phone call was ended prior to any additional information being obtained.”

Decker, Brumbaugh, and her two kids were believed to have been driving in a black, 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche with the license plate ZGZ-6781.

On Tuesday morning, the State police tweeted that troopers examined extra surveillance video and confirmed the black, 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche was seen leaving the Walmart parking area at Southtowne Plaza in Indiana at almost the time the “frantic” call was made.

According to police, the SUV made a turning out of the parking area onto Oakland Avenue/State Route 286 West.

Roughly 3 hours after their initial request for support in assisting to find the mother and her two kids, Pennsylvania State Police stated that troopers stopped and located a vehicle resembling the description of the wanted SUV around State Route 422 at Oakland Avenue in White Township, located near the Walmart where the phone call was made.

Brumbaugh, both kids, and Decker were in the vehicle. Police said that Brumbaugh and her two kids were fine and that Decker was taken into custody.

“A motorist located the vehicle traveling on SR 422 and called 911,” state police stated. “Thank you for your help!”

Any further details have yet to be released by the police.

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