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Taylor Swift Kindles Scooter Braun Feud, Says They Are Blocking Her To Play Old Hits

Taylor Swift(pop singer) accused ScooterBraun who is a prolific music manager of blocking her from performing her old songs during a live concert at the ‘American Music Awards,’ which has escalated a long-running feud between the pair over who has the ownership rights to Swift’s huge music file.

Swift was seen saying in an interview that she has planned to perform a medley of her past hits at the ‘American Music Awards,’ which were held on November 24 as she was being awarded the ‘Artist of the Decade Award.’

But according to Swift ‘Braun and Scott Borchetta’, the CEO of her old record label Big Machine Records are hindering her from performing any song recorded before her recently released album “Lover,”

Source: South China Morning Post

In a deal that burned their feud, Braun acquired ‘Big Machine Records’  and consequently got ownership of Swift’s original recordings or the copy in which all other copies of the song were made. Swift has now said that she is planning on re-recording her masters with her new record label, but will only be able to do so legally next year under her previous contract.

According to Swift, a live performance at the AMAs amounts to her re-recording her music before she can legally do so.

Swift also complained that Braun and Borchetta were not letting her use her old music in an upcoming Netflix documentary which is made on her life and would only release her music if she accepted not to record her masters again and stop talking about those record openly in public.

 “The message being sent to me is very clear. Basically, be a good little girl and shut up. Or you will be punished. This is WRONG. None of these men had a hand in the composition of those songs,” Swift tweeted.

The ensuing feud between Swift and Braun involved several other musicians, like Demi Lovato and Todrick Hall.

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