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Justice League Synder Cut Might Land Up On HBO Max, Here’s Every Detail Of It

After many years of patiently waiting, it appears as if the long-awaited and the highly demanded Synder Cut of Justice League might finally soon become ready to the public. According to our information received from the sources, the same sources who informed that a Green Lantern show was in progress, and that Robert Pattinson had beat out Nicholas Hoult for the role of Batman, Warner Bros. is likely to allow Snyder’s version of the film to be published on HBO Max in the near future anytime.

This news comes after many diehard and sincere DC fans blasted every tweet from the upcoming streaming service with requests to see the near-mythical cut of the movie.

Before coming to any kind of conclusion, the sources are not d stress that our sources say % sure of the release of this movie but there is a very possible chance that Snyder’s version of the pic will remain in the WB safes for a longer period of time, but from what we have heard, sources are “fairly certain” that the studio is planning to release it, and they also believe that an official announcement from Warner Bros. could also come anytime before the end of the year.

Source: Comic Book

It is obvious that plans can always change any time, but if talk about the current situation, at least, it sure seems like the Snyder Cut is very close to seeing the light of day.

The original version of the Justice League ended up disappointing both critics and fans back in 2017.

Since then, fans have been demanding from Warner Bros. to let them see the original version of the movie.

Now, the filmmaker has been pushing to get his cut published for a while, too, and now it seems like it is finally about to emerge from the WB safes. It is still unclear right now when it would hit the broadcasting service, and therefore we can only wait for an official announcement from the makers regarding the release of this movie.

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