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Will There Be A ‘The Mandalorian: Chapter 2’ Here’s What We Know So Far.

Disney+ is all set with the second episode of the show Mandalorian based on the Star Wars franchise. The second episode was released on 15th November. Two episodes were released in one week to get people all excited and sign for the streaming service.

In the second episode, we will get to see the subject of the Force, one of the key Star Wars element that was seemingly absent from the premiere of the series. The second episode is titled Chapter 2: The Child.

Moreover, this week’s story will pick up from where it was left behind. Mandalorian is stranded on the same desert planet he was in the last week as he returns from picking up his bounty. As we rejoin him, Mandalorian is attacked by Trandoshan bounty hunters who also have a tracker leading to Kid Green. It seems like all have been sent to different missions to kill or retrieve the contents of the floating crib.

Furthermore, as far as the main character Mandalorian is concerned, it seems like he is an orphan. In the first episode, it seems like the green alien with big ears us also an orphan and has bonded with Mandalorian. We will get a lot of our questions answered in the second episode which has already released on 15th November.

The big question is the title of the second episode. We will get to see an interesting new twist. Our antihero is taking care of a baby, although fifty years old one. As the same species as the Yoda. Fans were a bit shocked to see that the second episode was even smaller than the first episode. The second episode runs for thirty-one minutes. The first season has only eight episodes. The chase sequence of the episode was quite an adventurous event for fans it seems!

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