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Disney+’s Loki: When Will It Premiere? Who’s In The Cast? Everything We Know So Far

Tom Hiddleston will be returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Asgardian is set to return to the MCU as Asgardian mischief villain ‘Loki’ in a new miniseries on streaming service, ‘Disney+’.

Although not much has been revealed by the makers regarding the show(keeping it secret), but Marvel boss Kevin Feige and company have The series, like the rest of the post-Endgame Marvel properties, is shrouded in secrecy, but Marvel boss Kevin Feige and co have dropped a few hints.

‘Rick and Morty’ writer ‘Michael Waldron’ has signed on as showrunner with Sex Education’s Kate Herron as a director of this movie.

Source: Polygon

Cast Of The Show

Tom Hiddleston will be seen reprising his role as the god of mischief. It has also been announced that Sophia Di Martino (Flowers star) has also joined the cast of this show.

Expected Plot

Marvel supremo ‘Kevin Feige’ has confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con, that the series would revolve around the younger Loki who escaped during the time-travel segment of Avengers: Endgame.

He said, “I got asked more than any other mystery after Endgame, ‘where did Loki go, what happened to Loki? This series will tell you what happened to Loki right after that.”

In February 2019, someone suggested that the show “will follow Loki as the cheat and shape-shifter pops up during human history as an unbelievable influence on historical events” and this statement somewhat came true after a picture from Kevin Feige’s Disney+ presentation.

Release Date Of The Show

It has been officially confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con that this show will release anytime in the Spring of 2021.

No further details have been released by the makers of this show, keeping its details a secret from the audience.

It would not be wrong to mark this show as the most awaited show of 2021 as its character Loki (who was a villain) was praised and appreciated equally as the superhero of the movie(Thor).


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