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Woman Live-Streamed Herself Biting Helpless ‘Cat’ Over A Fight With Her Boyfriend

A young woman has recorded herself supposedly biting a helpless cat’s head to get back at her lover after the fight.

According to reports, 38-year-old Daria Turchina from the city of Dmitrov in the western Russian region of Moscow Oblast hurt and bite the cat during a live social media broadcast. How cruel she is to hurt a helpless cat.

Footage reveals Turchina tightly grabbing and hugging the cat before biting its head making it scream (meow) loudly in pain.

At the start of the footage, she can be seen grinning at the camera while keeping the innocent animal.

But she then takes the cat tight to her chest and says: “Do you know that I can kill you? I can kill you, crush you.

Reports said that she also frightened to kill and crush the helpless cat while referring to it as an “unlucky animal” and “filthy little rascal”.

According to nearby reports, Turchina had a fought dispute with her boyfriend and this was the only way left with her of getting back at him.

The details and information of the argument were not reported as to why the couple fought and it is unexplained whether she resulted in stabbing her boyfriend with the video broadcast.

It is also not revealed whether the nearby police will examine and investigate her for appearing to abuse an animal.

Social media users were shocked at Turchina’s actions as how she can hurt a helpless little cat.

She is such a cruel and monstrous. Sadly, nothing new there, one person said.

There are many people like her around,” another person added.

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