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Woman Reveals How She Caught Her Husband Cheating On Her, While She Was Nursing Her Ill Mother

A woman has shared how her husband was sticking and cheating with another woman, as she was nursing her critically ill mother – and left her only one day after she passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Nicola Funnell, 44, from Horam, described how she met her husband Ian in 2011 and fell in love with him immediately.

The couple married in July 2013, which Nicola reports as the ‘most joyful and happiest day of her life’.

However, four years after, her life collapsed when her mum Marion, 74, was determined to have terminal pancreatic cancer and she was having only a few months to live.

Speaking particularly to reports, Nicola, whose broken heart led her to die, said: ‘Mum and I was amazingly close with her and I couldn’t endure the idea of living my life without her.

‘For the past months, I spent nearly every day at my mum’s bedside in the clinic and when she died in July 2017, I was heart-broken.

But Nicola’s gut told her something was incorrect and wrong, and the next day, she realized she was right.

The day after my mum’s demise, Ian all of a sudden packed his things and left without even a word,’ she clarified.

I’d asked Ian then like never before, rather, he saw my living in an emergency clinic with Mum as a chance to cheat.

Ian clarified his special woman was a past love interest from 20 years prior, and that she’d left her husband for him as well.

I wasn’t against his explanations however, to the extent I’m concerned, they were welcome to one another.

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