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How To Enable Dark Mode Theme On Your Android Devices And Enjoy Its Benefits

Dark Mode is a supplemental mode that can be utilized to show generally dark surfaces on the UI. The structure reduces the light radiated by gadget screens while keeping up the base shading contrast proportions required for readability.

The benefits of Dark Mode are, it improves visual ergonomics by diminishing eye strain, encouraging screens to modify as per current light conditions and giving solace of utilization around evening time or in dark situations. Also, it saves battery control, along these lines empowering gadget utilization for longer periods without charging.

For the most part, the Dark Mode subject can be turned off on utilizing an unmistakably shown switch symbol on the screen. On the other hand, it is put in the menu options or inside the application’s settings.

The dark theme accompanies a lot of advantages and disadvantages.


  • It spares energy, mostly if the gadget utilizes an OLED or AMOLED screen.
  • While the dark content on a white background is the best as far as lucidness, Dark Mode (which has light content on a dark background ) is better for decreasing eye strain in low light conditions.
  • With most of the screen dark, the screen glare is decreased, in this way restraining glimmering and blue light.


  • Dark themes are not in every case better for eye strain. In splendid light conditions, the content seems cleaned out, expanding eye fatigue.
  • Long bits of substance or content are additionally testing to peruse in Dark Mode.

Google Dark Mode

For quite a long while, clients have been sitting tight for dark subjects for Google administrations and applications, yet it’s as of late that dark mode has been remembered for some applications, including Chrome, Calendar and YouTube. In May 2019, alongside update 5/22, Google presented Dark Mode on a few applications. Google Keep, which numerous Android clients receive for note-taking, includes the option to empower dark theme switch symbol in the application’s settings. Rather than dark, the application utilizes shades of dark.

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On account of Google Drive, the dark theme doesn’t cover all adaptations of the OS. The ongoing update functions admirably on Android Q, where clients experience the move among dark and light modes dependent on system settings. On Android Pie, the input differs starting with one client then onto the next. It here and there takes a shot at gadgets that have empowered dark mode settings. At present, the dark theme on Google Drive isn’t accessible for iOS and work area customers, however, it will probably change soon. The schedule is one more of the Google applications that offer Dark Mode as an in-application setting on Android Nougat and more current forms. Like with other Google applications, the background shading is dark as opposed to dark.

With regards to Google Chrome, the dark subject is available on macOS as well as Windows. For macOS gadgets running on Chrome’s rendition 73 or more established, the program appearance can be changed by flipping among light and dark modes. For Windows clients, adaptation 74 has the Dark Mode include, which additionally coordinates the system subject. In any case, the element doesn’t generally work true to form. For Android clients, an ongoing Canary update has presented it as a banner that can be empowered to switch the theme. It won’t be long until Chrome will highlight dark pages on Android gadgets.

Android Q Dark Mode

For a considerable length of time, Android clients have been sitting tight for dark subjects in both the system just as application interfaces. The ongoing increment in the number of Android applications that offer Dark Mode obviously shows the developing prevalence of the element.

While system-wide dark subject settings have been found in Android gadgets for some time, it’s yet to make an official introduction. At present, the third beta discharge gives a review of how it will function when it is presented later in the year. The speedy settings menu has a switch include for empowering the dark theme all through the framework and reaching out to framework warnings and applications that help the Dark Mode usefulness.

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It’s basically a dark mode for your entire gadget that flips the shading palette all things considered and almost every local Google application, including YouTube and Chrome. It additionally works with some outsider applications, for example, Instagram and Reddit – expect the rundown of bolstered applications to extend after some time as well.

So for what reason is it a major ordeal? Given that your screen is your phone’s greatest battery channel, siphoning out less light should give you longer between charges. Google claims Dark Theme can “decrease control use by a noteworthy sum”, contingent upon the screen tech of the gadget you’re utilizing.

In conclusion, a few people basically lean toward a darker search for their phone thus may pick to make them run constantly.

Dark Theme is just a single little piece of Android 10, recently alluded to as Android Q. The update likewise includes iOS-like Gesture Navigation, protection controls, and a Focus Mode that stop notices.

Yet, we’re here to tell you the best way to utilize Dark Theme on your Android gadget, and in the event that you pursue the means underneath you’ll have the option to do that effortlessly.

Which phones have Android 10 Dark Mode?
  • Google Pixel 4 / Pixel 4 XL
  • Google Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL
  • Google Pixel 3a / Pixel 3a XL
  • Google Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL
  • Google Pixel / Pixel XL
  • OnePlus 7T
  • OnePlus 7T Pro

This rundown is always extending as more phone organizations discharge Android 10 on their gadget, so your cell phone could before long have local Dark Theme as well. To what extent will you need to pause, however? Look to the base of this article for our investigation.

It’s additionally worth recalling that, while just these phones have Android 10 at the present time, some UIs give elective Dark Mode impersonations that you can utilize.

Instructions to initiate Android 10’s Dark Mode

You have three different ways to empower Dark Theme, and we’ll go through them all beneath, bit by bit.

 Change your System Settings

You can empower Dark Theme directly from your settings. You should simply tap the settings symbol – it’s the little machine gear-piece in your drawdown warning bar – at that point hit ‘Show’.

You’ll see a switch for Dark Theme: tap to actuate it and you’re at that point got it ready for action.

 Quick Settings

On the off chance that you would prefer not to look through your settings each time you need Dark Theme, there’s a lot faster alternative that includes sticking it to your Quick Settings, which are the huge tiles that show up when you pull down your warning bar.

To add Dark Theme to your Quick Settings, pull your notice bar right down until you see a huge network of tiles. You may need to pull down twice on the notice bar – you need it resembling the image underneath. At that point, tap the pen symbol at the base of the cabinet

This will open a different group of symbols you can add to your tiles (click directly on the picture above to perceive what this resembles).

Hold and drag the Dark Theme symbol into the top organizer, nearby your WiFi, Airplane Mode and Battery Saver symbols, as appeared over (the Dark Theme symbol is the one in the upper right). On the off chance that you drop it close to the highest point of the lattice, it will likewise show up in the slimmer symbol bar that shows up the first occasion when you haul down your notification bar.

Press the back catch to exit. You would now be able to turn on the Dark Theme by pulling down the warning bar and tapping the symbol.

Battery saver mode

On Pixel handsets, choosing Battery Saver mode from the dropdown warning bar naturally empowers the Dark Theme.

Remember that you’re likewise initiating each other battery sparing component, which means you’re impairing your area and some background forms, so you possibly truly need to utilize this in case you’re low on juice.

Image result for battery saver mode in dark mode"
Source: The Android Soul

Since you’ve enacted Dark Theme, you can make the most of your new look and, conceivably, your improved battery life. dark Theme will naturally put forth a concentrated effort to Google’s local applications, including Gmail, YouTube and Google Photos.

It will likewise work with a developing number of outsider applications, albeit some may require an additional progression at your end.

For instance, in the Reddit application, you have to set your ‘Auto Night Mode’ to ‘Pursue framework’ in the application’s settings menu. On the off chance that your most loved applications don’t go dark without anyone else, look through their settings to check whether you can apply it yourself.

When building up an application with the Dark Mode include support, it’s basic to comprehend the necessities just as the client communications with the application.

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