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Everything That Is Coming To HBO In 2020

For next year, original productions, new seasons and blockbuster films will reach the famous television network. Among the new HBO 2020 include series of exclusive debut as The Outsider (with Jason Bateman), The Undoing (starring Nicole Kidman) and Avenue Five (with Hugh Laurie in the title role).

Regarding recognized programs and films that swept the big screen, the new seasons of Westworld and Insecure will be present, along with the Joker and It blockbusters: Chapter 2.

On the part of Latin American creatives, the Argentine miniseries between men, the Brazilian Todxs Nosotrxs (focused on the LGBTQIA + community) and the fifth season of Chumel with Chumel Torres will be launched.

Together with such news and in the words of Gustavo Grossman, vice president of HBO Latin America, 2020 “will be a year in which we will concentrate even more on subscribers’ experiences with the brand, especially in the digital environment.” This refers to the future HBO Extras application, which will offer exclusive material from the main contents of the catalog.

Emphasis is also placed on HBO Podcasts, a container of diverse programs where each episode of the series is analyzed immediately after its broadcast. Currently, the Watchmen and His Dark Materials podcasts are now available from HBO Go, among other platforms.

The new productions that will land on HBO in 2020 (from their different subscription channels) are the following:

  • The Outsider – Based on the book The Visitor of Stephen King, the series explores the investigation into the terrible murder of a child. The premiere will be on January 12 on HBO and HBO GO.
  • The Undoing – The series focuses on the life of therapist Grace Sachs (Nicole Kidman), who suffers a sudden turn after an unexpected violent death.
  • I Know This Much is True – Mark Ruffalo plays twins Dominick and Thomas Birdsey. The plot follows the life of the brothers, marked by betrayals, sacrifices, and forgiveness.
  • Todxs Nosotrxs – Rafa, a young man of 18 years, pansexual and non-binary, decides to leave his life and family inside and move to San Pablo (Brazil) to live with his cousin, Vini.
  • Among Men – Based on the homonymous novel by Germán Maggiori, this miniseries will show the underworld of crime at a time considered the darkest in the history of local police.
  • Avenue 5 – A science-fiction comedy located 40 years in the future, starring Hugh Laurie and created by Armando Iannucci ( Veep ).
  • Homeland – From the Basque Country, the series tells us about how ordinary people live in the context of a conflict that has numerous common elements with any confrontation in the world.
  • Run – The series shows a woman who seeks to transform when she receives a text message inviting her to fulfill an old covenant, which promises true love and reinvents herself.
  • Thousand Fangs – The first HBO fiction series produced in Colombia follows the story of an elite commando on a mission to find and destroy a powerful and mysterious leader.
  • Perry Mason – With the executive production of Robert Downey Jr, the series takes place in Los Angeles in 1932, and focuses on the origin story of the famous defense lawyer, Perry Mason.
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