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Donald Trump Posted A Photoshopped Image Of Himself As Rocky!

It seems like the US President Donald Trump is creating headlines! Is it for political reasons? Well, for reasons unknown, the president has superimposed his face on a photo of a bare-chested Rocky Balboa!

The US President’s Face Superimposed On A Bare Chested Rocky Balboa!

There was no accompanying caption along with the photo. All the people on Twitter are kind of losing it after seeing the image which has no plausible explanation as off yet. There are some mixed reactions towards the photo and what makes it all the more confusing is a lack of any caption for the photo.

Moreover,  there are some hilarious outcomes and tweets that people are tweeting for the picture. One person has tweeted that Trump has mastered the art of drunk tweeting sober! The poster’s background has seemed to be swapped with an image of the crowd from the audience at Trump’s rally in Florida on Tuesday night. During the rally, he falsely accused the liberals to rename Thanksgiving.

The Picture Has Sparked Some Major Confusion Amongst People! Some Reactions Are Hilarious!

However, an image can be a dig at those who scrutinized Trump’s unexpected two-hours visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on November 16 that immediately prompted speculation about his health. Others suggested that maybe the president was remembering the  34th anniversary of the “Rocky IV” premiere. Maybe, Donald Trump was commemorating it, even though he got the movie wrong. We still don’t know which one is the correct reason.

This photo has surely sparked some confusion as well as laughter on all the social media platforms, especially Twitter. Fans and haters are equally shocked to see the president’s picture superimposed on Rocky Balboa. The reason still being unknown, it seems like there is a definite agenda behind the superimposed face!

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