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In A Holiday Commercial, Jennifer Lopez & Kim Kardashian Showing That They Are Besties

The 39 years old actress Kim Kardashian and 50 years old Jennifer Lopez showed their friendship on another level in a new Facebook advertisement, which confers about their morning schedule at home while doing some eccentric face masks.

A source revealed that, in December 2018, the two first announced that they were friends when the Hustlers icon appeared to a show night at the Keeping Up With The Kardashians starlet’s house in Calabasas. Kim was showing JLo’s movie Second Act, and having her at the meeting was generally too much for Kim to manage.

Both Hollywood heavyweights have especially hectic schedules, but they still manage time to hang out with each other, even if it’s not in person. Kim and JLo pronounced this one-on-one meeting for an essential purpose: they have a holiday party unitedly, and Kim has some top hidden ideas.

According to a source, that gathering is demolished, however, while JLo’s boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, comes in their matter. A-Rod hobbles into the kitchen covering the same pink face mask as his woman, and sort of kills the discussion stagnant in its courses.

“This is such fun. We should do this more usually,” unconscious A-Rod says a show up irritated Kim and Jennifer.

On November 27, Kim shared the funny video to Twitter, wrote, “My bestie @jlo and I are always on the move. But @PortalFacebook smart video calling always keeps up with us… and @arod too.”

See the video here-

Kim shared a video from her December party to her Instagram story, and stated, “Never in my life would I have thought that my idol would wanna come to have a film night with me. My motivation for everything has been Jennifer Lopez.”

After around a year they become besties and as they have a busy schedule but still they go for outings to spend time with each other.

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