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Batman Isn’t A Superhero For The Next Cape Crusader Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson Doesn’t Believe Batman Is A Superhero

Robert Pattinson doesn’t believe Batman is a superhero. DC fans were surprised to learn that the Twilight star was chosen as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Twilight Batman. Pattinson plays the role of Ben Affleck, who was last seen on the big screen as a crusader with a cap in the Justice League of 2017. Reeves will look for a smaller version of the character, which reportedly will bring the hero back to its detective roots.

In a new interview, Robert Pattinson revealed that he doesn’t think Batman is a superhero. This is a debate that has been going on for years, and the actor has raised it again. There are many who believe that the character is a superhero, and then there are others who think exactly the opposite. Pattinson had this to say about the case.

“Batman doesn’t have a superhero (laughs) … It’s strange, I’m always bald with that. I wonder: ‘It doesn’t count, you have to have magical powers to be a superhero.”

Batman Is Not A Typical Comic Movie

This is not a typical comic movie and Arthur Flake is a normal man with mental health problems. It is not clear if Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves are going in the same direction, but there is no complete debate of Batman superheroes, that is nothing new. Bruce Wayne, like Tony Stark, is a millionaire with many toys.

He has no magic abilities, he was not bitten by a radioactive spider or injected with a super weld serum. He is a normal child with a lot of money and mental health problems. Using the same logic, one would say that Hawkeye is not a superhero either. Tony Stark and Black Widow will also be included in that mix.

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