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Hawkeye Will Have A ‘Special Cameo’ In Black Widow, Here’s Every Detail Of It

After a decade in the Marvel franchise, Natasha Romanoff is ready to go along with Black Widow next year. While it may be interesting to see how heroin is doing without her fellow Avengers, sources close to We Got This Covered has suggested that she is not the only regular MCU to appear in the Kate Shortland movie.

Hawkeye Will Have A ‘Special Cameo’ In Black Widow

Apparently, Knut’s old friend and co-worker, Hawkeye, has a short cameo that will be released next year. Specifically, we report that it would appear in memory of the mysterious mission of Budapest, a chapter frequently mentioned in the history of Black Widow that his solo debut is finally ready to explain.

At this time, the details of the supposed role of Clint Barton are still very vague, but given Hawke’s close connection with the crazy people and the history of Budapest, it seems an appropriate reference for a cameo. After all, we already know that parts of the Black Widow were filmed in the Hungarian capital, and it would be a very cruel escape to send the network to the city without revealing what really happened there. To mention that this information comes to us from the same sources that told us that the Inhumans will restart and Vekan will debut with WandVision, confirming both now, there is no reason to doubt it.

Curious Move By Marvel To Open Phase 4

In any case, it was a curious move by Marvel to open Phase 4 with the prequel movie focused on a character who is already dead in the current MCU, but you might think that Kevin Feige and his team can still do some work to provoke the Next wave of movies and TV shows.

With that in mind, it’s not hard to imagine that Hawkeye’s cameo is somehow linked to his next Disney Plus series, but, once again, maybe the Budapest flashback would be more about tying up loose ends than aiming for the future. Either way, everything will be revealed when Black Widow hits theaters on May 1.

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