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Johnny Depp Reportedly Producing The New Michael Jackson Biopic, Movie To Be Told With His Perspective

Johnny Depp Jackson will produce Michael Jackson, told by his musical glove

An upcoming “unofficial” musical will focus on the story of Michael Jackson’s life, from the perspective of the iconic sequel to the King of Pop’s grave. To make the project even more uncomfortable, Johnny Depp is on board to produce the show, which will begin on January 25 in Los Angeles.

Published by Julian Nitzburg, For the Love of a Glove: an unofficial musical fable about the life of Michael Un Jackson, as told by his glove, began as a more traditional biographical film, before Jackson The allegations of physical abuse in his against changed the focus of the project.

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Source: Complex

“I am known for writing many biographies. An important television network wanted me to write a [Jackson] movie … but the question arose about how to deal with reports of child abuse,” Nitzburg said.

“I said, how is it?” Much of what has been accused of MJ is actually caused by his glove, which is actually an alien from outer space and feeds on the blood of a virgin child. He said laughing, can you do the normal version? After the plans of the biopic movie collapsed, Nitzburg followed his unconventional idea and turned the biopic into a musical.

In search of secure financing for current music, Nitzberg partnered with Depp’s Infinitum Nihil production company; Nitzberg previously paid for a Tiny Tim non-technical biopic for the Depp company.

For love of a glove: an unofficial musical fictional story about the life of Michael Jackson, as told by his glove “is described as a strange force that the size and scandals of Michael tarnished his reputation Dia”, which serves as gloves. A singing narrator. Page Six says the show will also feature puppet versions of Jackson 5, Corey Feldman, Donnie Osmond and Jackson’s beloved chimpanzee bubbles.

The music reminds of another unofficial King Pop project, a winning Blacklist script told from the perspective of Bubbles; However, by May 2019, the stop-motion animated movie stopped after director Tika Vetti and Netflix distributor opted for the project. An equally unofficial Jackson-centered episode of the British television series Urban Myths was also released during the premiere.

In addition to the unofficial musicals, a couple of legitimate projects approved by the property work: a Broadway jukebox musical and recently announced a biographical film of the Bohemian Rapsody producers.
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