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Joker 2: Bradley Cooper Might Be Playing Cape Crusader ‘Batman’ In Joaquin

Bradley Cooper, reportedly, seen playing the role of Batman in Joker 2!!!!

One of the biggest questions that viewers had after Joker was how Batman would fit into this new universe. There were enough clues about the character in the movie: Arthur Flake met a young Bruce Wayne and in the riots indirectly inspired the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Therefore, it seems inevitable that any sequel to Joker deals with Batman’s introduction and his relationship with Arthur.

Obviously, we don’t have concrete details on how this will work, but despite what Deadline has said in recent weeks, there is definitely a follow-up in progress, according to the story of the Hollywood Reporter, who broke the news. But even more interesting, Bradley Cooper is considered one of the first on Todd Phillips’ wish list when it comes to who should play the Dark Knight, as the director he “really” needs.

Cooper would be an excellent Batman, especially if he was playing a more realistic and psychologically damaging role in the character.

However, it can be said that he is not exactly the right age for Jokerworth Batman. We know that Arthur Flake was born in 1946, turning Joker into 35 years. The actor, who played Bruce Wayne, is 9 years old and Bradley Cooper is 44 years old.

On the one hand, Cooper already looks younger than Phoenix, despite the fact that they are almost the same age and a little makeup in the film could further accentuate that fact. But also remember that in Hobbs and Shaw, we see Deckard and Hattie as children who are shown around the same age, but in real life, the characters Jason Statham and Vanessa Kirby, who play more than 20 years, Age is different.

In any case, Cooper is just a name on the list at the moment and is far from being a lock, but since this information comes to us from the same sources that told us that Viola Davis would return to The Suicide Squad, Jay.JA Abrams He was offered the movie Superman and Green Lantern, before Jonah Hill and Mahershala Ali were chosen with The Batman, Black Adam would appear on Shazam! 3 And the Justice Society of America will be in Black Adam, what we all know now is true, there is no reason to doubt it.

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