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The 100 Season 7: Everything We Know About Season 7 Premiere!

Everything we know about 100 season 7

After an impressive race full of real spaceships, missiles, killer AIs and even body kidnappers, the 100 have only one season left before saying goodbye forever.

Season 6 ended in a large-scale cliffhanger, even by 100 standards, Octavia (Marie Averopoulos) was killed (dissolved in a green mist) by an adult Asha (Shelby Flannery). ) He had reminded us a lot. Whatever the explanation of this, we will have to wait until the premiere of season 7 to get some answers.

It will be released in 2020. Although we still don’t have a release date, we know that The Midsons will make 100 comebacks, as it has done over the years. If we had to speculate, we can bet that The CW would put it as a summer show, and its release date is in April.

Season 7 Will Be The Final Season

Season 7 will be the final season. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg announced that the series would end after season 7 on Twitter, and then told TV Guide that he had a specific end to the series. “I hope [fans] are satisfied,” Rothenberg said. “I am satisfied. I think it is a very powerful emotional ending.”

We have not seen the last of Octavia. Although his luck seems unfavorable, anything is possible at 100, and you can’t tell anyone dead (or if they are, they’ll live that way. Jason Rothenberg told Entertainment Weekly: “He’s alive or dead.”, Mary’s is incredible and you can say with certainty that we have not seen her for the last time, but if she is dead or not and we tell her story in hindsight or not, we are currently again Ekte or not, we have to wait and see.

We will pick up just after the end of season 6. Do not worry, when you make 100 returns, you will not face a big jump from that end alone. Rothenberg told TV Guide that we will land directly with Season 7 after the end of season 6, with Bellamy (Bob Morley) to find out what happened to his sister in the world.

There will be no trips at any time. Despite leaving Anomaly as an adult three days ago when he was a fetus in the stomach of Dioza (Ivana Miliswick), Rothenberg assured us that he would use time travel to explain it. He doesn’t make plans. However, he told us that time was “fun acting,” and we can probably expect some answers about the premiere of season 7.

Probably There Is Not A Vilain

Hope is probably not a villain. Killing a dear character is a good way to name yourself as the new villain of the series, but we probably shouldn’t show hope too soon. Despite saying a lot about this new mysterious character, Jason Rothenberg told TV Guide that he thinks we’re going to like him and his quick wit. Looking at the TVLine reports, it’s probably good that Flannery is a regular series in The Season 7.

A backdoor pilot will initiate a possible prequel. An episode of the final season of The 100 will serve as a backdoor pilot for a possible series of prequels. The possible split will probably be established 97 years before the 100-year events, as the world ends in a nuclear apocalypse. It will follow a group of survivors, who struggle to learn about their new world and build a society from the ashes of those who came before.

He will return mid-season at 100 CW.

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