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This Fan-Favorite Character Will Be The Main Villain In Star Trek 4

Star Trek 4 Could Bring Klingon Back In An Important Way

Star Trek 4 returns to the cards. Once Chris Hemsworth rejected the opportunity to play the role of the character’s father, the original scene of the film collapsed, it seemed that the film was stopping the series, but last month it was announced that Legion producer Noah Hawley was named writer/director Chris Pine and the rest are expected to return with the Enterprise team.

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However, there are still the first days in the project, but we can already know something about the story that will really excite fans: it could bring the Klingons back in an important way.

We understood that the cover heard from reliable sources that the studio had already chosen the antagonist of the film, and is a fan favorite villain drawn from the franchise’s past. Namely, Kruz, the Klingon chief, who first appeared in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, as Christopher Lloyd interpreted it.

Of the three entries so far in the series of restarted films, Klingon only appeared in Darkness and was only for a cameo. Given the popularity of the species and its familiarity with the regular public, it always impresses fans.

Star Trek: Discovery Has Changed A Lot

Since they are one of the richest and richest races in the Trek canon, it is encouraging to hear that Hawley can plan to use them again in his film. After all, the TV series Star Trek: Discovery has changed a lot in recent years, with some bold reinventions, both in design and characterization. It seems that Hawley’s film will refresh the species again if Kruj becomes the villain of the piece.

There are still first days, so, of course, things can always change, but for now, at least, we are hearing that this is the direction they are taking with Star Trek 4. And seeing that this information comes to us are the same sources who told us that Evan McGregor was returning to the Disney Plus show as Obi-Wan.

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