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Woman, 27, Hanged Herself To Death After Having A Argument Over ‘Cheating’ With Boyfriend

An inquest has heard that a young mom was found hanged to death after having an argument with her boyfriend at a wedding party over “petty cheating allegations.”

The 27-year-old Emily Evans died on July 27 following the “vitriolic” argument with her boyfriend.

Joanne Beech, Emily’s mother told Black Country Coroner’s Court that her daughter was a “caring, fun-loving and family-orientated” woman.

The inquest learned that Emily, an administrator, and her boyfriend Steven Davis had been at a wedding reception at Wolverhampton pub.

A source reports that they left the celebrations individually – with Emily to their house in Walsall by driving Steven’s car.

Upon reaching home, Steven – a groundworker – went upstairs and Emily went outside to get her cigarettes from his car.

However, the door of the car automatically closed and locked behind her, and she could not get back in.

The court was informed that she destroyed Steven’s car window with a garden ornament.

After that Steven drove the damaged car to a nearby convenience store.

While out, Steven sent her “not very pleasant” messages, provoke her about a Facebook post which had claimed that Emily had been unfaithful.

Steven returned home later that night and found Emily’s body.

Emily’s mum said to the Coroner’s Court that the couple, “without alcohol, were quite happy.”

“There was no sign that she would think of life without Steve.”

Joanne stated that seven nights before the couple returned home from a recent holiday in Turkey, “they had a serious fight that ended in violence”.

The inquest which was attended by more than 40 family and friends heard that her daughter, a Manchester United fan, loved her son, and Steven’s two kids.

Speaking about the day of Emily’s dead, Joanne accused Steven of being “horrible to Emily all day.”

“Emily slipped on her way out of the bathroom and hurt her knee. She said to Steven ‘I believe I have broken my knee’, to which he responded ‘pity it wasn’t your neck’.”

An autopsy found that Emily had died by hanging.

Her mum stated that Emily’s death had “completely shocked” her, as her daughter was “very anti-suicide, particularly for somebody with children.”

“I believe something went dramatically wrong because she had her son, who she extremely loved and she loved Steven.”

According to Emily’s emails written by her, the inquest heard that Emily was “planning for the future, looking at wedding dresses and baby names.”

Summing up, Zafar Siddique the Senior Coroner for the Black Country stated that Emily was a “very caring, fun-loving” woman who “would do anything for anyone. She perpetually put others first.”

“She was a young mum and was gazing forward to the future. She was in a relationship for over a year with Steven Davis.

“While there were some concerns, they usually looked happy together.”

In relation to the couple’s dispute at the wedding reception, the Coroner said that “drink played a role. The argument involved petty accusations and quickly spiraled and became vitriolic”.

He added that Emily had “no records of mental illness, was not on any anti-depressant medication, and no letters were left at the scene.”

“This appeared like a bolt out of the blue for everyone. [Emily] was future-oriented based on everything I have heard.”

“I am recording this as death by misfortune. I am satisfied she… did not intend the outcome.”

“On evidence, she did not plan to take her own life.”

“She may have assumed her partner to discover her. It is a very tragic loss of a young mum.”

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