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Amazon’s Workers All Set To Protest Outside Bezoz’s Million Dollar Penthouse

On Monday, Amazon warehouse employee and local activists plan to protest outside $80 million penthouses of Amazon CEO Jezz Bezos in New York.

Protest organizers stated that Amazon workers are protesting because of their harsh working conditions and Amazon’s harmful impact on the environment and the local communities. Last week, a group of Amazon’s workers rallied at Amazon’s Staten Island ad on Monday, protesters will walk about half a mile through midtown Manhattan to Bezos’ 5th Avenue penthouse.

The protest coincides with one of the biggest sales days of the year for the massive online retailer, Cyber Monday.

Alliance for a Greater New York (ALIGN), one of the groups organizing the protest, stated in a statement that “The rallied will shine a light on the reality that every click on Amazon translates to more workers getting damaged on the job and more pollution in our local communities. The millions of clicks Amazon received on Cyber Monday translate to more climate emissions and more surveillance power at the disposal of ICE and local police departments.”

Last year, Amazon changed its idea of building the second headquarters, HQ2, in New York borough Queens after the protest was marched by the protesters and local politicians against the deal. Instead, the company said that it would increase its warehouses and corporate offices in New York City with smaller and constructing new offices in Arlington, Virginia, instead of the original HQ2 project designed for Long Island City, Queens.

Sources reported that the current and former Amazon employees said that their working condition is brutal and not good for physical and mental health. Amazon continues to get criticism for the ill-treatment of warehouse employees and delivery employees.

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