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Gwen Stefani Declared That Her Contestant Just Might’ve Won ‘The Voice’ With Blake Shelton’s Song

Gwen Stefani Declares Her Contestant May Win ‘The Voice’

“Let’s win the song with guide Blake Shelton!” Gwen Stefani announced, Blake Shelton’s off-screen girlfriend and her voice-on-screen rival, while her star contestant, soul beauty Rose Short, took the bold step to cover Blake’s monstrous success “Country of God” “Top Monday 10th On the show.

Blake confesses: “I’m afraid he’s going to do it, it’s like he was singing the song with the boy who should have been there all along.” Not even he could deny it. As voice presenter Carson Daly put it bluntly after seeing Rose’s impressive choir singing, “it makes Blake Shelton’s original sound like a demonstration.”

Gwen Advises Her Contestant Rose

Gwen advises Rose to take the song “to the location of the church”, but Rose moves her to that restless place. She was serving some of Beyoncé’s reality with her southern style, her great hair, her great voice, and even a great inverted-pyramid production. As “Country of the Goddess”, rich? Blake admitted simply that he had been condemned to ostracism, a bit venerable that he would do nothing for Wayne to bow down to Wayne’s world and tell him: “This makes me rethink my entire system. You will have to do it. Was that the same song? He was amazing. ”

It is possible that Gwen’s prediction will come true and win season 17 daily. His powerful gospel/soul crossover presentation this Monday certainly felt like it was ending in just two weeks. But team legends won’t tell Katie Kadan and Will Burman, who also had a Monday night. Next, evaluate the other nine performances this week. Joanna Martinez (Gwen Team), “Impossible”.

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