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Here Is The Review Of The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 10, Details Inside

Just when it seemed we were safe from a possible Lea/ Shaun 2.0 ship, The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 10 was there.

Review Of The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 10

It’s great that he was able to calm Shaun when he was doing autism-related crises, but can’t we? Shaun’s relationship with Carly has been one of the strongest aspects of The Good Doctor Season 3 so far, but now it seems that Carly is about to lose an unnecessary love triangle. It was him who turned to Shaun for support for one of the most difficult moments of his life, and it was he who hit him hard after the pain.

But when looking at the promotion for the winter premiere, Shaun will find it much easier to smuggle with Lea like Carly and possibly conclude that it is because Lee is his “true love” or some nonsense.

Relationship Of Shaun And Carly

It may be easier for Shaun to leave her because he knows her better, that is his habit and entering a new relationship is more difficult for her than to re-enter an old one.

Hopefully, this is where Shaun’s difficulties with his relationship with Carly were due to his autism. And it would be easy to suggest if she was the right person he was joking about. Tying aside Lea / Shaun unnecessary, it was a solid story.

But on the other hand, Shaun’s father was abused, and forgiving him allowed him to abuse Shaun for the last time.

When he had told Shaun, Lea had rightly said, and later Glassman, that Shaun was not obligated to forgive anyone who was too abusive to him. Many survivors of child abuse find that their abuser forgives them for being helpful in their therapy, but all who survive are the opposite. Forgiving an abusive parent sometimes continues to deny the abuse and reject the limits they must survive as adults to protect themselves.

And in Shaun’s case, his autism made the decision even more difficult. Shaun practically takes things and refers to a difficult time, so it will be harder for him to leave those harsh last words than it would be for an upset person. Shaun now has something in common with Claire, since they both lose a father with whom their relationship was very complicated.

Carly’s ideas were a strong message about income inequality that affected most of the United States but were not particularly relevant. Not so New Amsterdam, which often addresses how income inequality affects access to medical care.

Anyway, it was ironic that Star didn’t want that lucrative career, given how angry Claire was resentful of her for having it. But finally, he allowed him to use his problems positively with his late mother, advising him to put his needs first and not to self-destruct to achieve whatever was necessary.

Strangely, The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 10 was missing some people. However, I look forward to the return of the series in winter.

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