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Netflix’s The Irishman: Here’s What Twitter Thinks About The New Martin Scorsese Drama

Twitter promises that the three-hour run time of the Irish man is better overall!!!

After feeling like an eternity, Martin Scorsay’s new movie, The Irishman, finally made it to Netflix and, as expected, Twitter advertising accompanied him. Shortly after the movie earlier this week, enthusiastic fans flocked to social media to share their reactions and, as critics confirmed earlier this month, it was definitely worth the wait.

The film stars Robert Deniro, Joe Pesky and Al Pacino. Set in the 1950s, it tells the true story of a Philadelphia mafia starring World War II veteran, scammer and hitman, Frank Sheeran (DeNiro), and the disappearance of legendary union boss Jim Hoff. See the look below.

Twitter is already full of reviews, presumably inspired by a tweet below, Action Bronson, which makes a cameo (unprinted) in the movie as a selling cameo. Keep scrolling to discover what people have to say.

Everyone agreed on one thing: the movie is great.


The reactions of the Irish have been strong and divided.
Many Netflix users remember the Irish as a “masterpiece.” But “boring” also appears as a trend word for the 3.5-hour movie.

Because the movie lasts 3.5 hours, fans are definitely talking about the duration. Some viewers can even compare the decomposition of urine at home on Netflix. What would they usually do for a theater?

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