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Kylie Jenner And Daughter Stormy Are On A Snow Trip! And The Pics Are Too Cute To Handle

Kylie Jenner encourages her daughter Stormy while making her first snowboarding raid during a luxurious winter trip…

Kylie Jenner is enjoying the winter miracle during a snow skiing trip this week.

And, of course, her best friend and frequent companion, Betty Stormy, was by her side. It was an important milestone for the mother and daughter duo, as Kylie revealed in a soft Instagram set that had ‘Storm’s first trip to the snow’ before taking the clues for another memorable moment. He took his first snowboard.

Kylie was always elegant while holding her little girl in one hand while wearing western-inspired snow with a bang on top. He broke away from the cold with strong boots and a pair of sequined gloves. Meanwhile, little Stormy was tied while she combined with her mother in a transparent white suit with dark and soft fur trim.

She seemed ready for some action, protecting her head with a helmet.

In the next shot, Kylie raised her son while climbing a mountain through a cable car. Then it was time to reach the slope. Stormy seemed natural when he tied his board and pulled it with the help of an instructor. At all times, the proud uncle Kylie encouraged him.

Stormy balanced the board only in the next clip, showing that he could handle it alone. His instructor told him: ‘Cheer up, go stormy! Go stormy! ‘While she rode.

Overwhelmed by tenderness, Kylie captioned ‘I thought I handled it.’

It was a fun trip for the family.

The day before, Kylie and company saw a Stormy vessel. By sharing the moment on Instagram, the excited boy was seen using a special ramp to help push the ball over the road with his arrogant mother: “Go baby!”

Stormy with a sweet shout: “Woo, yes!” As the ball went down the lane and three pins actually lined up. Impressed by her daughter’s bowling skills, Kylie proudly proclaimed: “You did it, Stormy, you did very well!”

For which a very excited Stormy began to cheer up and down after his impressive bowl. Kylie made sure to show her impressive figure throughout the trip. Called a classic Christmas song written by Frank Loser of Guise and Dolls, Kylie captioned: ‘Baby, it’s cold’. In another set of Instagram, she flaunts her figure with an impressive tight suit.

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