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Mother Sues School For Not Disclosing Her Daughter’s Suicide Plan

A 12-year-old girl made her last cry for help and then committed suicide, but her parents were never informed or notified about anything.

Now, they are suing a Yuba City middle school of letting this incident to happen. They claim the establishment never informed them of a text message their child transferred revealing intentions to kill herself.

The day Madison took action to kill herself, she adapted in all of her homework just like regular days. But what appeared normal, really wasn’t.

Ocheltree is accusing the Yuba City Unified School District for what she defines as a ruined chance to protect her daughter. Before Madison committed suicide, she messaged her friend about her plan to do it in a few days. That friend presented the text to a teacher who transferred it along to heads.

“We did not get any calls. We didn’t know that she observed the teacher. We didn’t recognize that she feels lonely or was planning to commit suicide,” Ocheltree said.

The text message was exposed to a professor on April 5th of this year. Madison committed suicide on May 24th.

The administrator of Yuba City Unified, Doreen Osumi, refused to go on camera or remark on the lawsuit. She stated in a report this tragedy transmitted teachers and students grieving and sad. Osumi also stated she believes students apprehend there are people they can convert to if they need an assistant.

Ocheltree told her daughter was threatened and bullied regularly at school, but that’s not where she puts the blame.

“To be true, my judgment is because they are children. They wanted as much guidance and assistance as my daughter needed,” she said.

Ocheltree stated she just needs the school to make assured this never occurs again with other students.

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