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Warner Bros Hoping For Keanu Reeves To Make A Return As Constantine

WB still expects Keanu to return as consistent!!!!

It seems everyone wants to get into Keanu Reeves’ business these days. Even after 35 years in the industry, it could be said that the actor has never been more popular, although it remains one of the most memorable years of his career in 2019, as he also became the new Internet favorite movie star. The blockbusters also include. Hit John Wick: Chapter 3 and Toy Story 4.
 Under development It is likely that the  Next stage has a role in a comic film, recently reported that Marvel Studios is approaching Reeves for almost all projects, along with rumors that DC will also secure its services.

Which Movie Raising more than $ 230 million??

 Although it seems that DC and Warner Bros. could benefit, Speed ​​and Point Break have already worked with him at the 2005’s Constantine with Star. The film was a well-earned success at the box office, raising more than $ 230 million, and spent to enjoy a second life as a cult favorite among fans of the genre.  And now it seems that WB is eager to make Reeves recover the paper.

Who’s mega-popular actor returning to the role of Antihero??

 A few months ago we told them that the studio was looking at the mega-popular actor who was returning to the role of antihero and talking to our sources over the weekend, the same ones who told us that the Green Lantern TV show was coming to HBO Max and black Adam will be in Shazam! 3, which we now know are true: we have come to know that WB still hopes that Reeves will recover this part. And with DCEU recently experiencing a creative renaissance, the inclusion of an actor would certainly not be the worst idea in the world.
Taking advantage of Reeves’ enormous popularity, as well as a history of secret history detectives, will diversify the studio’s portfolio of comic assets while continuing to build on an established brand, Keanu also admits in the past.

What about the new version of Mouth with the Mersal:

Originally after playing Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds rebooted the character and appeared in two solo outings as a new version of Mouth with the Mersal, now it’s part of the MCU. And although it is still early and far from immovable, a similar approach could certainly work for Constantine.
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