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Daisy Ridley Faces Extreme Backlash For Her Comment About Privilege

Daisy Ridley and Boyega Early Life

Ridley was born in Westminster and was confidentially educated, while Boyega is the boy of British-Nigerian parents, who grew up on land in south London and prayed for a calamity fund to join Theatre Peckham. Her statements, made in an interview with The Guardian, have been studied as “tone deaf” on social media.

Boyega posted a Star Wars video on Instagram and told “I have all the desire in my heart for Oscar, Daisy, and everyone else I’ve experienced the silver screen with”, although it is not understood if this is in reply to the judgment of his co-star.

In her interview, asked if she believed her right made it easier to deal with credit, Ridley clearly looked startled and answered: “The privilege I have – how? No, genuinely, how?”

Daisy and John Related To Each Other

According to the item, when writer Nosheen Iqbal told she stated in terms of power and money and figured that it was not a criticism, Ridley went on to say there was little difference between her happenings and those of Boyega.“John built upon gathering property in Peckham and I guess me and him are related enough that… no.”

Asked whether separate school gave her added courage, she replied: “No. I think, also, it has brought me a little while to be okay with it.”I was constantly honestly confident, and I think that comes from living part of a big family who is all quite familiar.”

She later continued: “I’m not understanding what you’re telling is wrong. I’ve just never been suggested that before, so I’m like, oh. I don’t assume so.”Many browsers have hit out at Ridley on social media.“The very sense of #privilege; not even being conscious of how your education & parents could have affected your life,” one Twitter user said.

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