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Blind Man On Death Row Executed By Electric Chair After He Brutally Murdered Ex-Girlfriend Inside A Car

Blind killer dies in death row with electric chair after killing ex-girlfriend alive inside a car

A death sentence from Tennessee was given to an inmate on Thursday through an electric chair, almost 30 years after he set his car on fire and killed his girlfriend.

Citing the Tennessee Department of Corrections, the commercial appeal reported that inmate Lee Hall, 53, was pronounced dead at 7:26 a.m. CST Hall was convicted of first-degree murder and fire caused by the death of Tracy Crozier, 22, in April 1991.

Crozier had ended a 24-year relationship with Hall and had gone to his aunt’s house. A month later, Hall threw a jug full of gasoline into the car’s container with a fuse of kitchen paper on, which caused her to die.

Hall initially claimed that he made a gas pump to protect himself from Crozier’s uncle. According to the media, after laughing at their relationship ending, he finally admitted to killing her.

Hall prepared statements for Crozier and his family apologizing for his statements.

“People can learn forgiveness and love and will make this world a better place,” he said. The commercial appeal and WTVF cited witness accounts that indicated smoke or steam emanating from the side of the room’s head during its execution. A journalist noted that they believed that a drop of blood had fallen on Hall’s white shirt during the second phase of the execution.

While a spokesman for the Tennessee Department of Corrections told reporters that steam was “the result of liquid and heat,” previous witnesses reported that the incident was not mentioned during three other electrocutions when the state re-enacted in August. 2018 Made

Hall had his vision upon entering the death row, but his lawyers claimed that he had become functionally blind due to improper treatment of glaucoma. Hall, along with Clarence Ray Allen, 76 In California, only two blind prisoners have been executed since the United States Supreme Court resumed executions in 1976.

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