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Fans Are Worried For Britney Spears’s Mental Health After She Uploads Bizarre Video On Instagram.

It seems like this famous singer is sparking some major controversies due to one of her social media posts. Fans are showing concern for this singer and this has gone viral in no time. Let us see what this controversy all about!

Britney Spears Sparking Controversies Over Her Mental Health Issues!

Apparently, our very own Britney Spears is sparking some concern among her fans after posting what was described as a “manic” and “bizarre” video on Instagram. Fans are showing concern about the soul singer’s mental health which is not in the right place according to people.

The singer posted a video on her Instagram account where she was dancing on the balcony while wearing a beautiful floral sundress. Some commentators noticed that Britney was rather looking disheveled and was wearing unusual dark eye makeup. The intensity of the scenario increases when Britney changes outfits and part of the clothing falls off her shoulder.

Fans Are Accusing The Singer Of Not Growing From 2001.

One fan wrote that she seriously worry about her while another wrote that the singer doesn’t seem ‘right’. Another commentator noticed that something is definitely off about the singer. Someone else believes that Britney Spears has just not grown from her teenage years. This fan also added that it seems like the singer is consistently frozen in 2001.

This is not the first time that Britney Spears has sparked controversy regarding her mental health issues among fans. Back in September, the singer posted a rather bizarre video of herself wearing two different dresses. Fans said that they are yet again losing the singer. The singer has earlier opened up about her mental health issues and later assured her fans when she returned to Instagram that everything is under control. Let us see what the singer has to say regarding these recent allegations.

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