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Aaron Carter Faces Backlash For His Recent ‘Racist’ Post

Aaron Carter has been cited in partiality following charade a Chinese dialect when ordering a takeaway.

On Instagram, the terrified actor posted a video, in which he was ordering meals from a Chinese guy at a takeaway.

The video presented 32 years old Aaron trying to talk in a fake Chinese dialect as he ordered, stating: ‘A plain lo mein, orange chicken, sesame chicken. Large order. ‘Crab rangoon two order.’

General Tso’s chicken, barrel cooked rice.’ The singer posted the video with the caption: ‘when your friends can’t order Chinese food chicken in NYC AND you have to SHOW THEM YOU’RE cultural status [sic]’ – adding the hashtag ‘#satire’.

The video of Carter was immediately flooded with comments blaming him for being prejudiced.

‘Wtf you doin’ brah’, with Aaron replying: ‘whatever I want,’ one user wrote.

‘Aaron Carter you need help. Serious help’, and the star wrote back: ‘you need some extra duck sauce,’ one more commented.

After some time, Aaron appeared on Instagram live and refused he was being bigot, frightening to block a follower who described him as like.

He stated: ‘I ordered Chinese food last night and nobody could talk to the guy and order the food, so I was like “watch, I got this”, and I ordered the s*** in like, five minutes.’

‘Tell me how I’m a racist, please. ‘How the f*** am I racist? Because I’m cultured, and I know how to speak to people? The public are so emotional, you ever listened of irony farce?’

‘Oh my god, he’s so bigoted, he hates Chinese people” – really, why am I ordering Chinese food then?’ Aaron stated.

His sister Angel also obtained a coercive order against Aaron. A magistrate ordered to assassinate Aaron’s gun group from his property after considering him ‘too terrible to own guns’, with the actor supposedly yelling that he would just go to another land to get more.

In regards to his legitimate concerns, Carter was hospitalized for ‘serious’ weight loss previous month, and he also had a tattoo of Rihanna as Medusa inked on the side of his profile.

Aaron delivered his introduction album aged just nine and scored hits with songs like I Want Candy and Aaron’s Party.

The actor popularly began a fight between Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan when he dated both teen actors at the same time.

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