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Baby Beaten To Death By His Cruel Mother After Accidentally Breaking A TV

A Michigan mom has been arrested and criminally indicted in association with Saturday’s killing of her 20-month-old son, who was hurried to the clinic in severe condition days earlier.

Rhionna Nichols, 20, is confronting murder, child abuse, and cruelty charges for allegedly inducing the skull fracture and injuries that killed Viston Stevenson. News proclaimed that Nichols was captured on Friday, the next day after she knocked her son at a Detroit home.

The news media proclaimed that family members stated Stevenson had endured a fractured skull, abdominal bleeding, and several injuries. Photos uploaded to social media clearly explain the unattentive baby in a hospital bed, pinned up to multiple tubes.

As by news reports claim that Nichols also swayed her son and beat him with footwear. However, officials have not disclosed how they thought Nichols gave the deadly injuries to her son.

While families reportedly insisted Nichols fatally hit her son for breaking her flat-screen television when he drew it off a table, local police told news that they had not gained any report verifying this and refused to reveal details encompassing the baby’s death.

She must be a cruel mother as to how anyone can do this kind of hateful crime and kill their own kids. It’s quite shocking as the innocent baby suffered and fought with his severe injuries and wounds. Rest In Peace For The Little Champ.

Nichols, who was indicted on Monday, continues jailed without bond.

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