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Man Executed In China After He Killed Three Officers Who Forcibly Tried Sterilizing His Wife

Recently, a man who was accused of killing three officers 19 years ago has been executed in China.

Three officers tried to forcibly sterilize his wife in accordance with the family planning policy that is worldwide known as ‘One Child Policy'(which has now been scrapped).

Wang Changsheng, of Suixi County, was put to death on December 4 as rules by the Intermediate People’s Court of Huaibei City.

According to the information provided by the sources, in 2000, four rural officials were appointed to coercively sterilize Wang’s wife, surnamed Li, after she gave birth to their second daughter.

At that time, the family planning laws allowed couples to have a second child only if their first child was a girl.

Wang and Li were staying at Li’s father’s home village of Miatotai and the concerned officials intended to bring Wang and Li back to Suixi and prepare for Li to be sterilized.

But while on their way, Wang struck all three of them with a metal hammer that killing three of them.

He then fled from justice for 17 years, changing his name to avoid apprehension for the murders he had committed.

This case is a warning that the effects of China’s years long family planning police(one child policy) haunts the country even long after its eradication.

In 2016, considering the increasing rage among the citizens and amid concerns about a rising demographic crisis, the policy was developed to allow all Chinese couples to have two children.

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