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Gang Dealing In Narcotics Busted At A Traffic Stop

Traffic stops caused a narcotics raid!!!

Old United States between White Plains and Dobson earlier this month Three people were arrested after traffic stopped in 601.

On December 4, detectives from the Surrey County Sheriff’s Office and the Street Crime Unit joined the Narcotics Division of the Mount Airy Police Department to suggest possible narcotics activity at Old 601 near Piney Grove Road and Bob’s Fish Lake Lane.

While following the information, detectives stopped a vehicle for the violation. During the stop, officers placed five ounces of methamphetamine in the vehicle, as well as a firearm in the occupants’ possession.

The investigation seized three more ounces of methamphetamine in a different place. These eight ounces become 227 grams, above the threshold to accuse the accused of smuggling.

Convicted pupils:

Detectives arrested Tiffany Ann Potts, 23, of 204 Abner Lane; Brandon Jefferson Potts, 33, of 301 Landfill Road; and Savanah Marie Pettitt, 23, of 301 Landfill Road, Mount Airy.

Brandon Potts charged with three counts of traffic methamphetamine, one of traffic methamphetamine conspiracy, a felony charge, maintenance of a vehicle, a charge of possession of narcotics equipment and a citation for defective windshield wiper equipment It was. Potts was placed on a guaranteed bail of $ 550,000 with a bail of $ 29,000.

In 2016, he spent two and a half months in prison for a felony, sabotage, and punishment after entering.

Tiffany Potts was charged with three counts of methamphetamine trafficking, a conspiracy charge for trafficking in methamphetamine, a charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted criminal and a charge of possession of narcotics. Tiffany Potts received $ 500,000 and the same cutoff date of January 29.

He became a convict in April, with a fine of no more than $ 1,000, sentenced to possession, possession of a List-II narcotics and possession with the intention of selling / delivering a falsified controlled substance. She spent three months in prison from June 3 to September 1.

She was arrested a month ago in March by Walmart after calling the Mount Erie Police Department about a suspicious vehicle. Because of what narcotics charge was taken.

Petit was charged with a conspiracy charge to traffic methamphetamine and a charge for possession of methamphetamine. Petit received a guaranteed bail of $ 250,000 and a cut-off date on January 22.

Petit has been convicted of seven misdemeanors in the past three years but has not been jailed at any time. She has received suspended sentence, probation and credit for the time served in the county jail.

At the end of 2016, she was convicted of possession of a List II narcotics, resistance to an officer, reckless driving and four other charges related to driving.

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