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Is God Unfair, As Twin Brother Died After A Normal Headache Turned Out To Be A Dangerous Cancer

Ashan Corrick, from the South Gloucestershire town of Filton, close to Bristol, had a problem of headache for merely two days before he was diagnosed with severe stage-four brain cancer. He was not aware of his disease, which took his life.

The calamitous diagnosis was declared at Southmead Hospital on August 17, and he died just under a few months later.

Before his diagnosis, Ashan said that I am not able to remember and recall that I was ill in my entire life.

His family raised more than $7800 for the expense of his treatment, but brave Ashan tragically lost his cancer fight on December 17. He fought until his last breath, but here God was unfair with him.

His twin Aysa uploaded a post on social media as a tribute stating due to his brother Ashan he feels to be the proudest brother in the world; My brother was a brave warrior.

It reads: “Today was the last night I slept with my twin brother… the most unpleasant day for me.

“He struggled so hard for the past week, but sadly, he lost his fight with cancer. He left this world peacefully and in our mother’s arms. We all will miss him, and he was the kindest soul.

In the days before he ran into hospital in August, Ashan endured a headache.

“I pushed myself to Southmead, and they took me for a test,” he said at the time, later in the waiting room, a woman appeared out and said she had found something. It was cancer.

While in operation, the surgeons were not capable of removing the cancerous cell from his brain.

Ashan was discharged four days after the operation.

Ashan told us in September that he was prepared to continue confident and discover a way to defeat his cancer.

Ashan’s funeral was done on December 19 at Greenbank mosque.

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