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‘The Seven Deadly Sins’: Will There Be A Season 4? Here’s Everything We Know

The hit anime The Seven Deadly Sins returned for a full season after a long wait of three years. With fans ending season 3, we already asked when season 4 will be released. Here we know all about season 4 of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Seven Deadly Sins based on a manga novel of the same name. The story, written by author Nakaba Suzuki, is set in a fictional version of the British Isles. In the kingdom of lions, the citizens of the earth are protected by ‘holy knights.’ The greatest and strongest heroes on the planet are in the order of the Holy Knights. Our story begins ten years after a group of pious knights recruited to strike against the crown.

To avoid confusion, Netflix listed four episodes of OVA as season 2; some would argue that season 3 listed as season 2, but we are following the format that Netflix has followed.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 3: Summary

Hendrickson was defeated by The Seven Deadly Sins, after which not fired. While completing the mission he had established, Hendrickson involved free members of the demon clan known as ‘The Ten Commandments.’ The commands soon sent Britannia to chaos when they invaded the kingdoms of Singh and Camelot.

The season ended with the Melodas and mercilessly killing Frowdrin, the disinterested commander of the Ten Commandments. It revealed that Melodius is cursed with immortality and is the son of the Demon King. The monster king plans to feed Malayodas’ feelings and thus obtain the power he needs to recover and conquer the human kingdom.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Is There Any Plans For Season 4?

The fourth season of The Seven Deadly Sins will take place due to the number of stories that remain to be covered. For those who come out with the manga, the Dead Seven Deadly Sins Manners may have altered their minds by ‘finishing’.

It is not clear if the fourth season will become the last season of The Seven Deadly Sins, considering that there are only more than 110 chapters left.

A fourth season is officially announced thanks to the announcement made in chapter 310 of the manga! It means we were quite right with our prediction for a possible Netflix release date. The fourth season will be called The Seven Deadly Sins: The Chariot of the Gods.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4: What To Expect?

It is difficult to go into details about the expectations of Season 4 without dropping spoilers of the manga, but you can expect the following:

The kingdom of Camelot has fallen to Zeldris and other commandments. Is this the end of Camelot with King Arthur hidden? There will be many mysteries and revelations as Meliodas’ relationship with Elizabeth takes an unexpected turn. As Meliodas takes more risks to protect Elizabeth, will we see him as her demon in the end? With the seven deadly sins separated throughout the kingdom, they must unite once more to take on the threat of the demonic dynasty.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4: Release Date

The fourth season of The Seven Deadly Sins is in the middle of the broadcast in Japan, and the rest is scheduled to air from January 8, 2020, with a short break during the holidays.

Like the previous season, The Seven Deadly Sins will air the latest episodes weekly in Japan. It begins on September 22 and ends on March 25, 2020, with a 2-week Christmas break.

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