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Security Guard Claims He Saw UFO Rising From A Construction Site And Then Soaring Off! See Footage

A SECURITY man was paralyzed when he saw a “UFO” ascending from a California building site and taking off.

The odd film shows an extraordinarily brilliant, vague item gradually ascend into the night sky before immediately stopping mid-air and hurrying endlessly at fantastic speed.

Douglas Benefield was functioning as a night guardian – in Cathedral City, CA, on July 23, 2018 – when he made the creepy locating.

The 48-year-old clarified the surprising locating: “I was staying there, and everything just felt strange out of nowhere, I can’t generally explain.

“At that point out the side of my eye, I saw something on the screen, so I played it back, and I couldn’t accept my eyes.

“I continued watching it again and again.”

Following, Douglas recorded the security film from his cellphone and messaged it to his oldest child Sklyer.

Skyler viewed the video and reacted: “WTF IS THAT?”

Sun Online has not had the option to check the recording freely.

Douglas accused his bustling life as the motivation behind why he didn’t think to demonstrate the recording to any other individual.

In any case, after as of late finding the video once more, he concluded it was something that should have been imparted to people in general.

He stated: “I can’t clarify what is happening in that video, yet it’s very abnormal.

“I’ve watched it so often despite everything it gives me chills.”

As per one researcher, UFOs could be “time machines” worked by people from what’s to come.

Researchers have neglected to discover outsider life in outputs of 1,300 stars – but state they’re not surrendering yet.

A year ago, infamous informant Edward Snowden uncovered he snooped on US insight systems for confirmation of outsiders.

And, here’s a rundown of space rocks that could collide with Earth –remembering one with a one for 16 possibilities.

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