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Everything We Know Far About Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Details Inside

Everything we know about Ghostbusters: Afterlife!!

Ghostbusters returns to the big screen, with Ghostbusters: Afterlife Story continuing the story that began with the original 1984 film.
Bill will bring back many of the cast of the original movie, including Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Annie, directed by Ivan Reitman, Ghostbusters: Juno and Up and son of Air filmmaker Jason Reitman. Potts and Ernie Hudson. With this movie that will hit theatres on July 10, 2020, here is everything we know about Ghostbusters: Afterlife so far.

The trailer

The film received its first official breakthrough (see above) on December 9, presenting the audience in secret to the expected sequel.  The preview not only provided a better idea of ​​the story, which would bring viewers back to the world established by the first two films, but it is also packing a lot in terms of the original movie.
A preview of Ghostbusters 3 (below) was launched in January, just 24 hours after the project was announced.

What story of Ghostbuster’s next chapter?

As shown in the film’s first trailer, Ghostbusters: Afterlife will follow a family that inherits an old farm in Oklahoma, only to discover that the small town has some terrible secrets.  In the center of the story, two brothers, played by Finn Wolford and McKenna Grace, find their grandfather’s connection with Ghostbusters and accept their inheritance if they expect their family and friends to face a supernatural threat.  He is forced to do it.  City.
During an event celebrating the 35th anniversary of the release of the original film, Reitman explained his inspiration for the new movie.
The film is expected to ignore the events of the Ghostbusters directed by women of 2016: answer the call and continue the story told in Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2. Despite its stellar cast,  Ghostbusters: Answer The Call lost $ 70 million at the box office, which hindered Sony’s plans for a sequel.

Group of actors in Ghostbuster!!

In June, Ghostbusters 3 joined its already significant star power by bringing Ant-Man and Avengers: late-game actor Paul Rudd as a teacher to the sibling school.
Rudd confirmed his participation in a recorded video in front of the famous Hook & Ladder Company 8 fire station in New York City.
Weaver announced a few months ago in an interview with the Ghostbusters actors Murray, Akroyd and herself Parade Magazine.
“It’s going to work with people again!”  Weaver said, who would surprise her role again as Dana Barrett, who was tormented by the demonic Demod Zool in the 1984 film and returned for the 1989 sequel. Potts then confirmed his return as Ghostbusters Secretary Janine Melnitz.
The cast meets for the first time since Ghostbusters II.  Most of the original actors repeated their roles for Ghostbusters 2009: The video game, respectively.
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