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James Norton Is Once Again Traded As The New James Bond

James Norton is a big favorite to become the new James Bond and reportedly has “secret meetings” with the producers about the iconic role.

James Norton Is Once Again Traded As The New James Bond

The 34-year-old actress currently stars in the BBC drama The Trial of Christine Keeler, but it seems her next role can be very soft, shaken if you don’t. It has been claimed that James is establishing a relationship with the 007 producers and is a favorite to replace Daniel Craig when his British British spy.

And it certainly wouldn’t be a wrong choice. A source told, and at the end of last year, there were several meetings and readings of secret squirrel scripts. ‘James has always been in the box, but until four months ago, there were no concrete steps.

A source says that James’ team meets all the requirements for the casting team because he is tall, tall, physically fit, and, of course, looks great in a dinner jacket. ‘After successful meetings, it is said that James is’ celebrating’ with friends in the new year, even though a decision has not yet been made.

How About A Martini For Good Luck?

It is believed that Eoin Productions plans to announce its newly elected Bond, whoever it is, once No Time to Die, ending its film cycle after its release in April.

However, these stars may be in favor of James, as Ladbrokes told the publication that he suspended bets after the Grantchester actor emerged as the next Bond to a 4-5 favorite. Perhaps to leave a clue about his potentially crucial new role, James mentioned Beverage Martins, Bond’s signature cocktail, in an interview.

‘This is precisely what you imagine a jazz club. . . We saw the Jevon Jackson quartet, drank several vodka martinis, and felt excellent, James said. Interestingly, last month James gave an interview in which he talked about reducing strong martinis, the unique cocktail of 007. Speaking of his favorite jazz bar, he said: “This is how you imagine being a jazz club … We saw the Jevan Jackson Quartet, drank several drinks of vodka, and felt excellent.”

It seems that Beyoncé was thrown next to a martini this week; fans speculated that she had recorded a song for the new movie, No Time to Die. The current 51-year-old Daniel Craig Bond has confirmed that he will renounce his role as the world’s most famous secret agent after five departures. Last night, a spokesman for the manufacturers did not respond to our point of view for comment.

A little practice doesn’t hurt. Somewhere in the Bond universe, rumors circulate that Beyonce will sing the leading song of No Time to Die when she shared a photo of herself of a martini.

The release of No Time to Die is scheduled for April 2.

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