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Star Trek: Picard Extended: Big Plans For Patrick Stewart’s Return

In the new Star Trek: Picard television series, Patrick Stewart revisits his beloved character, Star felt Captain Jean-Luc Picard, 17 years after Picard’s last film performance.

For the seventh season, the leader of the spacecraft company gave up intelligence, patience, and refinement while protecting the galaxy from damage in the future that saw humans as peace seekers.

But when Picard’s creators first approached the actor, Stewart was indifferent to returning to the character who defended a perfect vision when he felt that the real world was taking a dystopian spin.

In the world of President Trump and after Brexit, says Stewart, the United States, and the United Kingdom, in particular, distance themselves from the United Federation of Planets, the fictional interstellar union of Star Trek planets that share democratic goals. They are represented.

Like Picard, Stewart is indifferent to playing a role, imaginary or not, if it doesn’t fit with his beliefs. It wasn’t until the producers described the refined landscape they imagined for Picard that Stewart climbed aboard. “The Federation” has been isolated, and the new Picard is very different. “My interest increased a lot,” he said. When Star Trek: Picard debuts at CBS All Access on January 23, we find Earth -under, a retired leader who lives isolated in a French vineyard.

On Whether Picard Is A Version Of Himself

He is, in a sense. He must be separated from the fact that I deeply respect his views on life, his attitude towards the freedom of expression of democracy.

A point came, perhaps in the third season, when I realized that the gap between Jean-Luc Picard and Patrick Stewart had become increasingly narrow. And finally, we began to overlap until the series ended and we did it for the first time in our movies, I knew this guy was from the inside out, back to the front because he wasn’t wholly Jean-Luc Picard. It was. It was partly Patrick Stewart.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s Character Makes His Acting Debut In Shadow

He was not prepared for the role with which the actor, Patrick Stewart, would identify. And there was an example: shortly after, I finished my work as Jean-Luc Picard, while campaigning to meet with the director for a secondary role in a movie. And he was very kind to me and very polite.

A lot of this is gone now because one thing that I have always said to my managers and my agents is the diversity of roles that what performance keeps me committed to this task, and sometimes the problematic situations in which I work

What Can We Learn From Picard?

Well, as our world goes one step forward and two steps back, I think there are many men we know in the next generation. His decency, his patience, his affection, no, the attachment is very weak, his passion for humanity, and the future of the solar system we build.

One of Jean’s best things is that he was a great listener and only spoke when he felt that everyone was expressing what they believed. The Enterprise crew came to know that they were free to understand what they thought was right and what they thought. And sometimes I feel that some people have been imposed some restrictions that govern our countries, and they don’t always talk about what they do and believe in passion.

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