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‘Joker’ Makes A New Oscar Record With 11 Nominations For Comic Book Movies

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voters have spoken, and they believe Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of a troubled clown for hire’s transformation into the mad Clown Prince of Crime in Todd Phillips’ “Joker” was among the best male performances of the year.

On Monday, Phoenix was nominated for a lead actor, news of the 2020 Oscar nominations and the film was nominated for the best poster. Phoenix comes after his first win at the Golden Globes for lead drama actor, as well as a BAFTA nomination. He is also up for a 2020 SAG Award for his performance.

Phoenix is the second actor to be recognized by the academy for a role based on a superhero comic book role. The first was Heath Ledger, who posthumously attained the supporting actor Oscar in 2009 for his work in “The Dark Knight.” Ledger also played Joker, but opposite Christian Bale’s Batman in the Christopher Nolan film.

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Joker Is The Most Oscar-Nominated Comic Book Movie Ever

The movie ‘Joker’ has been nominated for 11 different Oscar awards, and this was the most number of awards that a comic book movie has been ever nominated for. Last year in August 2019 Venice Film Festival, Joker quickly developed as the year’s most polarizing awards contender.

Reviewers and viewers were split on its characters and start believing that it was a work of art that transformed its style, while other viewers felt that it was a serious film that could influence real-world violence. All of the discussion surrounding Joker did not discourage audiences from gathering to the theater to see it, as the brave origin story became the first R-rated film to earn $1 billion global. On the National Board of Review’s top 10 list, Joker was also famous in that list, although the movie set its place in the award race by racking up various accolades throughout the season.

The Joker movie was a public snub on the top 10 list of National Board of Review but fixed its spot in the Oscar race by racking up many accolades during the season. Among the numerous honors, Joker’s included a mention on the American Film Institute’s own prime ten lists, many Golden Globe nominations, and 11 BAFTA nods. And now, it’s created history at the Oscars with the number of submissions it gets.

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