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The Future Of Fantastic Four: When Will The Hero Team Finally Join The MCU?

MCU: Why isn’t a ‘Fantastic Four’ movie part of Phase 4? When team joins MCU?

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is approaching Phase 4, as a series of digital publications for fans and release rumors, narrative spoilers and more everywhere on social media.  However, when it comes to superheroes responsible for defending the Earth and other planets in several galaxies, fans rushed to notice that the Fantastic Four’s reboot is never coming.
The MCU will release a second Doctor Strange, a Wandavision series, a She-Hulk, Blade show and more;  However, the family and the misogynist group of four have not yet received their restart.
Previous attempts to bring the Fantastic Four to the big screen have failed to achieve greatness, after all the pressure to hit the nail on the head increases day by day.  We all remember the double demand that was Jessica Alba and the wrong and humorless effort of 2015. So why did Marvel choose to hold on to the Fantastic Four?  Why create pressure?  Why should fans not offer four well-developed fantasy films that they have wanted for decades?

Fantastic Four will require several independent deliveries since many characters form groups;  Throwing them into a movie or show would currently feel out of place.

If a Fantastic Four movie comes out after the leading group of new Avengers is present, they may be asked to help the Avengers as an independent entity.  Reed Richards will help lead his team, as the avenger of the four excellent reports, which will deter those who seek their dignity and reduce their value. Because Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) is a leader, his team should not (and probably not) join as part of an existing Avengers movie.  Leadership must be portrayed.  In short, the timing is not right.
One of the key factors that worked for the Fantastic Four in the comics is that they were the beginning of something and the rest of the Marvel Universe was built around them.
Timely comic characters such as Namor and Captain America were brought from the Golden Age to the Silver Age, due to the success of Fantastic Four, and the results of the team’s first adventures can still be seen in the late days of the comics of  Marvel.

When we meet the Fantastic Four at the MCU, we would expect fully formed versions of these characters to appear, not the last young adult inspired by the universe in their abilities, or struggling with previous versions. 

Superheroes, but adults who have already been part of their quest, and are a fully functional family unit that cannot be destroyed by their presence with the frustration of Spat or Thing.  Spider-Man: Far From Home; made it clear that Earth needed new heroes and was eager to give them celebrity status. If an FF adaptation can be risky, uncomfortable, build a world and break the rules, then we can finally have something spectacular in our hands.
Similar to Marvel’s previous approach, we must first know who will take care of the Avengers before taking them to other teams, along with other leaders and other motivational factors to consider.  Timing is everything.  The way you add a hero is how they are interpreted, and Kevin Feige knows it, respectively.
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