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Friends: 5 Times Joey Taught Us Lessons

Friend The program where you think you are friends with these six characters or tell each of your friends who they are. Let’s face it; we all want to be Chandler or Phoebe. During season 10 of the show, we saw that these six people developed so much and understood that you grew up with them when you were a child or went through it when it came to Netflix.

As much as we all know that it is impossible to live in New York City, in a spacious apartment with job titles as a waitress or independent massage therapist, we never question it. His life was far from perfect, but he taught us many lessons that we needed to learn.

Whether you should not work when you have a hernia or that everything in life is not more accessible (Monica had to work for a while using fake breasts, don’t forget it), those were the lessons we will take with us. Everywhere Seriously or not, this is the neatest (not a word, now a word) and the best show. Here are the essential life lessons that friends have taught us.

Joey taught us that with curves and that your body is 100% good.

When Rachel’s sister, Amy, tells Joey that a moment is “a moment on the lips, a life on the hips,” Joey tells him that he has curves and that he likes it. We all know that I would never order food, especially pizza sandwiches and meatballs. We all need to be like Joey, and if you like something, eat it.

Joey taught us that you always get what you want.

Do you like a girl, but do you like her food better? Go for what you want. If Joey doesn’t regret it, you shouldn’t be. Going for your best friend’s ex-girlfriend is a bit much, but follow your heart. Listen to your heart all the time!

Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler taught us just because you are an adult does not mean you have to grow up.

When times are tough, build a fort, watch TV and invite your friends. Life is hard, but you can still be silly and act like a child.

And they also taught us those good friends will always be there for you.

It does not matter that Breaks, marriages, divorces, children what you’re doing in a movie when you’re just a gladiator in Las Vegas: the list goes on and on. Friends will understand your problems, but they will love you despite them, and they will also get you out of mistakes. Oh, and they’ll try to help you when you decide to pack and leave Westchester County to start a family, but you’ll like hell.

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