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Lost In Space On Netflix? Season 3 Spoilers, Fan Theories And Plot Details

Sci-fi’s have always been favorites, and Lost in Space is second to none. It was quite evident from the two seasons which were aired on Netflix. Its first season was aired in 2018, and the second season came just a month later, making a fete for the fans. So the wait wasn’t prolonged by Netflix, and people loved it. The awestruck visual effects left the audience spellbound. They alleviated people’s desire for a subsequent season, and a glimpse of what’s going to happen is undoubtedly a cherry on the cake.

A glimpse of possibilities for the 3rd season

The second season ended with a lot of options that can be chalked out amid the crisis of Judy Robinson and her team. The second season concluded when they got to know that their way towards Fortuna, a vessel that was lying in oblivion for almost two decades, was made possible with the use of a human-made radar.

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Their advent towards the Alpha Centauri was already a chilling experience, now that they know it’s a human radar that made their way possible to Fortuna, is going to open the storyline to a lot of possibilities. And the very fact that now Judy Robinson is aware of his biological father’s role as a captain in Fortuna has also made the storyline quite subtle.

The possibility of a future conflict with Dr. Smith was made inevitable when the scarf was found on Jupiter 2. And the kind of plot the season 2 finale tried to portray by faking the death of Dr. Smith didn’t go well with the fans. As long as Dr. Smith is in the show, the chances are quite likely that the thrill is going to be there, and one doesn’t have to have a Ph.D. to ascertain the fact that Smith is still going to be the same treacherous man in the veil of a friend. There are a lot of things which can be predicted just by looking at the end of season 2.

And the fact that the Robinson family is still alienated from many concealed truths of the universe. As the possibilities begin to unfold, the problems would accentuate as they are trying to poke a hole in the system. Kelly’s return is also expected in season 3, and a possible reunion of Judy Robinson with the biological father can add a new turn to the storyline.

Robot conflict has taken the audience to the next level of excitement, and the directors are going to accentuate this thing. The creativity with which these conflicts will be induced in the storyline can raise the bar and help the show to reach an even bigger pool of audience.

Another aspect of the robots lies in the fact that their master is still in oblivion, and how do they generate the power and how they were created is still a mystery. And a possible humans-robotic link is uncharted territory. So wait for the series to air, and then we can see what’s lying in the box for us.

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