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Man Accused Of Killing His Wife Allegedly Hired A Former Student To Kill Wife

Todt’s family murder: the father of the alleged family murderer spent time in prison after hiring a disabled student to kill his wife

Anthony’s father “Tony” Todt, a man accused of killing his family, apparently hired a former student to kill his wife.

According to court documents, Tony Todt’s father, Robert Todt, was arrested in July 1980 and charged with attempted murder, criminal conspiracy and criminal solicitation.

Robert Todt, a former certified individual education teacher on the board of the Bensalem Township School District in Pennsylvania, paid $ 800 to a former student to kill his then-wife Loretta.

Loretta lost an eye but survived the incident. She had two children at that time. According to a September 1981 report by the Philadelphia Enquirer, shortly after the event, Tony Todt told investigators that he heard his mother scream.

“He was fighting with my mom in her bed,” Tony Todt said at the time

The hitman was identified as John Chairmonte, who once attended Bensalem High School. Chairmonte then testified against Robert Todt. The gunman was a few years in a psychiatric hospital in the state for his role in the shooting.

According to Chirmonte, Robert Todd paid him to kill the “babysitter,” who was Robert Todd’s wife. Chirmonte said he went through the garage of Todt’s Levittown residence, shot the victim several times, and then saw the rifle through some drawers to look like a robbery.

Robert Todt was engaged to another woman when the shooting occurred. The woman, identified as Colleen Fecho, testified that they had made “adequate plans” for the wedding.

Although Robert Todt finally admitted to having had a love affair, he denied plans to shoot his wife. He said he had spoken with Chirmonte, but only to help him with the job application. Rescue witnesses said Robert Todt was known for helping former students.

Tony Todt was placed under house arrest on Monday afternoon. The neighbors reported seeing the police leave the house at gunpoint

Tony Todt reportedly came from Florida to Connecticut back and forth. He owns family physical therapy in Colchester, Connecticut, but his license expired in September 2019. A sign on his commercial front indicated that they would return after January 1, but the business has not been reopened.

Dr. Priya Tandon, who has a medical practice in the same building as Family Physiotherapy, told that Todt’s employees revealed that they were not paid. Besides, FBI agents deepened family physical therapy in December. According to reports, the building owner said agents were “investigating.”

“The Attorney General’s office can confirm that we have an open investigation of the False Claims Act on Anthony Todd. Besides, Elizabeth Benton, Communications Director of the Connecticut Attorney General’s office, cannot comment or provide further details.

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong said an investigation of the “Wrong Claims Act” against Tony Todt had been discovered.

Neighbor Connie McGarian told that a couple and three children lived in the Reserve Place house. She said the children were educated and that the family felt “good.”
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