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Tom Cruise: ‘Jack Reacher’ As A Amazon Prime Series But Without Him

A series of ‘Jack Reacher’ will come to Amazon, but it will not star Tom Cruise!!

Jack is back, but this time he will look a little different.  Amazon Studios has defeated a new series based on Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels, which appeared on a press tour of the Television Critics Association on January 14.
The character has become the subject of two films starring Tom Cruise, Jack Reacher of 2012, and Jack Reacher: Never Back of 2016. But the action star will never get the role for the next series.

Writer Lee Child says the character is in ‘right hands’ on Amazon!!

The first season of the new series will be based on Killing Floor, the first of almost two dozen Jack Reacher books.  The book series, which began in 1997, focuses on the adventures of Reich, a former military and homeless policeman who travels to the United States to investigate various crimes. The new program will be produced by Amazon, Skydance Television, and Paramount Television Studios. Lee says he thinks he will do well for his character.

We don’t know who will play Jack Reacher in the new series, but it won’t be Tom Cruise

After the lukewarm reaction that some fans were known for Jack Reacher’s films, there is pressure to find the right lead actor for the television series.  The readers widely criticized the distribution of the book of Cruise for not resembling the character described in the novels of children’s readers.  In the books, Reacher is described as 6 feet, 5 inches tall and weighing about 250 pounds.  Reportedly, the Cruise is 5 feet 7 inches tall.
Although no decision has yet been made on who will play Reacher in the Amazon series, whoever gets the role will have a better physical match with the character, according to Amazon Studios chief Jennifer Salke at TCA. Child’s website also assured fans that they did not obtain the casting rights. “We can’t wait to see who’s in the cast, especially who will play our favorite big guy,” read the update. “Lee and the producers are committed to hiring a size-appropriate actor so expect to see someone in the 30-55 age range (don’t forget, Reacher is 36 in Killing Floor, and there are the prequel novels to consider), BIG and muscular … with hands like frozen supermarket chickens).”

Fans never got excited about Cruise as Jack Reacher!!

On his website, the Child praised Cruise for his hard work to bring the character to life in the Jack Reacher movies.  But it was time to go in a different direction, he said. In an interview with The Times in November 2019, Child stated that the team was “too old” for action movies.
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