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The Kissing Booth 2: Release Date And Cast Released On Netflix

One of the most-rewatched Netflix movie in 2018 was The Kissing Booth, and the Netflix also announced on February 14, 2019, that there would be a sequel of the film and The Kissing Booth 2 was happening.

The specific release date for the sequel is unclear as of now, but Netflix posted in Instagram, the release time was validated as Spring 2020. Filming of the sequel was started in June 2019, and it was finished in October 2019.

By looking at the filming scheduled, we can probably expect The Kissing Booth 2 to release on the streaming giant at around May or June 2020. But nothing about the released date has been confirmed yet.


The fans were worried after the announcement that Jacob Elordi would not be back as Noah Flynn as he was nowhere to be seen in the announcement video. However, Elordi has been confirmed to continued his role as Noah, along with Joey King, as Elle Evans. Joel Courtney is also returning for the sequel as Lee Flynn, Noah’s brother and Elle’s BFF.

There will be some new characters for the sequel as well as Netflix has validated that Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Taylor Perez have joined the cast of The Kissing Booth 2. They are starring in the sequel as Chloe and Marco and will be “love interests… but not for each other”.

It is also unclear that Meganne Young will be back in the sequel as Lee’s girlfriend Rachel or if the OMG girls will return on The Kissing Booth 2: Bianca Bosch as Olivia, Zandile-Izandi Madliwa as Gwyneth, and Jessica Sutton as Mia.

They have also not confirmed that Molly Ringwald will be back as Noah and Lee’s mother.

Director Vince Marcello is back, and he will co-write with Jay Arnold, as well as produce with Michele Weisler, Andrew Cole-Bulgin, and Edward Glauser behind the camera.

When Will the Trailer Of Season 2 Will Out

Nothing about the trailer of the sequel is confirmed, and the trailer for the first movie comes only ten days before the film was released so that fans could be waiting a while for videos from the sequel.

Netflix did confirm that filming on The Kissing Booth was wrapped on October 18, 2019, with a video posted to their Instagram Account. This is also the footage in which Jacob Elordi was confirmed as he continued his role as Noah.

Netflix trailers are difficult to predict, but it is assumed that the trailer of the sequel will be out very soon.

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