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Box Office Prediction! The Voyage Of Doctor Dolittle Can Lose Us To $100 Million

Based on a production budget of $ 175 million, several film finance experts tell TheWrap that they currently lose $ 100 million in the project starring Robert Downey Jr. in his first appearance in the film since “Avengers: Endgame.”

Box Office Prediction! The Voyage Of Doctor Dolittle Can Lose Us To $100 Million

It would be a significant loss compared to Universal’s other failures since December, “Cat,” which became a fun fodder for the online movie circle, but had a budget of at least around $ 90-95 million, which raised almost 70% of its estimated financial loss.

There is still a small chance that “Dolittle” can find an extraterrestrial rescue. The film will not yet be released in more than 20 markets, with nine more next weekend, France and the United Kingdom in the first week of February, and China on February 21.

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If they outperform the market, it could also help break “Dolittle,” an analyst told TheWrap that China has a good chance of “boosting the calculations.” A similar case occurred with Disney’s “Maleficent, evil lover.” The decrease, less than half of the original “Maleficent,” generated $ 113 million in North America but raised $ 377 million abroad, with a total of $ 491 million against a budget of $ 185 million. The reason was able to obtain a modest gain.

But to do so, “Dolittle” would have to overcome the negative reviews, as critics gave the film an 18% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Common points in the negative reviews include CGI’s work on the animals in the movie, as well as a script focused on the child’s mood compared to the story.

It is a case of box office history that is repeated. In 1967, the first adaptation of Hugh Lofting’s “Doctor Dolittle” novels, starring Rex Harrison, worked on a limited budget and required several tweaks, resulting in a Best Film nomination at the Oscars after politics of the Fox of the 20th century.

Reports Have Emerged On This New “Dolittle”

Similarly, reports have emerged on this new “Dolittle” budget, indicating that the film should be remade to make it more family-friendly. And although the national opening of the film is in line with the family live-action comedy released in January, such as “Paul Blurt: Mall Cop,” it is now expected to end with adventure films such as “BFG” and “Jack the Giant Slayer. ”

While 20/20 could have been surpassed, “Dolittle” was a project that was in high demand between the studios when the CAA commissioned Downey Jr. and director Stephen Gagan an adaptation of the 2017 laugh novel “The Voyage of Doctor Dollatable. ” Outside the MCU, and for its Marvel contract to expire, the studios were hungry to connect it to IP, which could earn money of great success.

And although “Cat” and “Dolittle” have made it difficult for Universal this winter, it’s not all bad news. The studio has a high chance of winning its second consecutive Oscar winner for Best Picture with the DreamWorks World War I film “1917”, which has been critically acclaimed and audiences and the current favorite after winning the first prize in the Producers Guild Awards. It has been considered.

The success has run at the box office, where “1917” has so far raised an estimated $ 81 million in North America, including $ 27 million in this extended weekend. Martin Luther King Jr. “1961’s” is on its way to become the first success of the decade with a gross total of $ 143 million, against a budget of $ 100 million so far and several weeks remaining in his theatrical career.

Universal, who declined to comment on this story, will attempt to recover with a low-budget Blumhouse adaptation of “The Invisible Man” before the second quarter of next month, including the James Bond movie “No Time to Die” and The Ninth includes international distribution. “Fast and furious” movie. The sequel to the animated success of billions of dollars “Minions” is also on their summer list.

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