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Jennifer Aniston Welcomes Matthew Perry With Surprise To Instagram

The cast of the hit Friends television series is on Instagram. It is safe to say that the world is a better place for everyone to join social networks. Jennifer Aniston broke the Internet when she joined the Social Media site, and now Matthew Perry amazed her followers by joining the Insta family and was greeted at once most adorably by her peers. Jennifer Aniston was the last to welcome Perry to Instagram after Lisa Kudrow, and her post is a joy to every fan who is still watching comedy over all these years.

Jennifer Aniston Welcomes Matthew Perry

Jennifer Aniston published her and Perry’s sweetest image to welcome her close friend and former co-star.

“What is the job of Chandler Bing?”The Ross of David Schwimmer asks. Chandler’s friends never knew what he did for a living, as close as they were. Aniston, then, in a desperate attempt to win, blurts that he is a “Transponster,” which is a false answer, of course. “That’s not a word at all!”Monica shouts. It was not difficult for the fans to get this reference because she’s still our favorite sitcom, and we’re all guilty of looking at it on a loop.

If you’re a real Friends fan, you’ll understand this word. For those who are not versed, the story is a reference to the fourth season episode of the loss of apartment to Chandler (Perry) and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) by Rachel (Aniston) and Monica (Courteney Cox) during a series of questions. Rachel and Monica don’t correctly answer Chandler’s tiebreaker question.

Netizens and celebrities all go over the message. Courtney Cox commented on the post along with all Hollywood megastar Jennifer Garner. Many have introduced the social media account of Matthew Perry. As the networks said, they are looking forward to welcoming Matthew Perry to the social media account.

Matthew Perry’s First Post On Instagram

Lisa Kudrow was the first cast member to welcome Matthew Perry to Instagram. Matthew Perry posted his first Instagram post with Chandler’s gif dancing at the show. He wrote that the gif shows how he thinks he’s on Instagram. Matthew has over one million followers on Instagram just a few days ago after he joined the social media app.

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