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Outlander Season 5: Do We Have A Release Date? Here’s What We Know

Everything we know about Outlander Season 5

The Outlander is almost over. Outlander, the epic romance of action and adventure in Starz’s time travel, returns on Sunday, February 16, 2020. The good news is that the network has released a lot of content to keep us entertained and gambling wildly.
Production ended in late November, and star Caterian Balf shared a first look at Claire and Jamie’s season 5 style, according to Entertainment Weekly.
Starz invited fans to take a look at the opening scene on December 15.  At first, in a big watch flashback after the death of Jamie’s mother, Uncle Murtagh promised a little boy, Ginger Jamie, that he would always be there for her.  Then, on Fraser’s crest, Jamie helps Roger and discuss how he and Brie moved to the cabin.  His speed has improved since season 4, which is played with a comic effect when Jamie shakes Roger’s feces with a razor (swallow).

Release Date:

Outlander returned on February 16, 2020, Starz confirmed in August 2019. While an official release date for the United Kingdom has not been announced, if the program follows the previous pattern, it will launch Outlander on Amazon Prime the day after the US premiere. This means that Outlander is expected to have five available on Amazon Prime in the United Kingdom as of February 17, 2020.


Have you ever felt that everything points to you? Space, time, history?  At the beginning of the trailer, Claire’s voice asks, as she watches the people gathered on Fraser’s crest look out the window, and we return to the epic moments of the first seasons.  And then, to Jamie: “Grateful for every day we have.”
The clip briefly offered action shots, including an important revelation about Jamie’s political loyalties before the subsequent Revolutionary War.  Murtagh and Jocasta share an emotional moment, Governor Tretton reminds Jamie of his loyalty and tells Jamie Brie that if there is a war, “he will be safe in his time.”
We also see the furious cross burn as a gift and a small picture of Jamie shirtless in a stream. The trailer was the second long look of season 5. The first trailer, which premiered on October 5, predicted too much danger to Clann Fraser.


It would not be an Outlander without the leadership of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe.  Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin, who plays their daughter Briana and her love Roger, respectively, will also be an important part of season 5. In addition, characters Fergus, Marsali, Murtagh, Jocasta, Lizzie, Lord John Grey, Ulysses, John Quincy Myers, and North Carolina governor William Tryon are confirmed to return. Ed Steelers, who played the villain Stephen Bonnet in season 5, has not yet confirmed his return.
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